I affirm good things. I am happy. I do not fear impending catastrophe. Oil is good. Natural gas is good. Coal is good. Renewable energy is bad. It will never work at a global scale. I don't really mind the oil refinery next to my son's daycare. I categorically reject the idea of climate change. I will buy another Chevrolet Suburban. Corporate greed is healthy. Insulin isn't THAT expensive, for what it is. Prisons are not overwhelmingly filled with non-violent offenders. Police don't brutalize protesters at MY college. Conflict in the Middle East will not escalate into a wider war. I affirm more power plants. I affirm Chevrolet suburban. I affirm private jet. I LOVE Elon Musk. I can afford to take time off work to go somewhere sunny and clean. I can afford my rent. I can afford my groceries. I can afford trips to the doctor whenever I want, even if im not that sick. I love the police. I affirm more cop cities. I affirm more Chevrolet Suburban. I WILL discover oil in my backyard. The Atlantic Ocean will not swallow New York City. The Mediterranean Sea will not swallow Venice. Investment in beachfront properties is a GREAT idea. I love my landlord. One day, I will be a landlord. Everyone should be a landlord. Homeless people are lazy. Poor people are lazy. Inequality does not exist. People who are not landlords are lazy. Elon Musk works hard.
Red Yarn, Dried Flowers, Leaves, Dirt, 9mm Shell Casings, Steel Nut, Railroad Spike, Sprinkler, AI Text-to-Speech

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